Removable Mesh Pool Fence

Safeguard Architectural removable safety swimming pool fence and gate

Benefits of a removable pool fence from Safeguard Architectural

Our removable pool fence meets all states safety standards; making it a great and inexpensive option to child proofs any swimming pool. Safeguard's pool fence is ASTM certified and is great to use for Day Care and Foster Standards compliance. It is recommended that you keep the fence in place at all times, but if you wish it is easily removed in its entirety or in small sections for your convenience without tools. Our pool fences can be used to enclose virtually any pool, providing a good option for every pool. Your fence can remain in place during parties or other swim times so that older children or adults can swim while younger children are separated from the pool area.

How Safeguard Architectural pool fences work

The most popular type of swimming pool fencing is removable pool fencing. This type of pool fencing provides a secure barrier than can be taken down or moved, by an adult, according to the current needs of the pool owners.

Our sturdy, lightweight pool fencing, which is held in place by concentric tension, can be installed and removed in minutes. Installation of this swimming pool fencing requires the drilling of 1 1/4 inch holes in concrete deck or other surfaces where pool fencing is desired. Sleeves to support the pool fencing poles are inserted in the holes. These holes are plugs when the swimming pool fencing is not in use.

To put the swimming pool fencing in place, one simply places the first pole in the first hole and unrolls the fence to the 2nd pole which is placed in the second hole, and so on. The last pole then attaches to the first, in the case of pool fencing which surrounds a pool. The pool fencing may also attach to a building, a wall or other structure.

To remove Safeguard pool fencing, one releases the tension and lifts up on the first pole. The swimming pool fencing is then rolled to the 2nd pole, which is lifted and rolled to the 3rd and so on.

Safeguard's removable swimming pool fencing can usually be installed around irregular shapes and over varied surfaces and elevations. Due to the unobtrusive, transparent nature of pool fencing, most pool owners rarely remove this safety barrier.


Fittings & Components

Removable Mesh Pool Fence, Mesh Pool Fence

Textilene® panel is held firmly to the pole with a convex aluminum molding, secured by zinc-coated screws spaced at five-inch intervals. We fit an extra set of screws at the top and bottom of each pole for additional strength. The support poles are completed with a color coordinating cap. Each 15-foot section of a fence comprises five 36-inch panels of Textilene® and six Quad-Plus support poles weighing approximately 15 lbs. A Quad-Plus support pole at every 36 inches enhances the strength of the fence and ensures the continuation of correct tension level.


A reliable fence requires top-grade poles, and ours are the best available. Our Quad-Plus poles are manufactured from sturdy, custom extruded, aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum combines light weight with exceptional strength and resists environmental pollution and chemical corrosion. Because of these qualities, it is an exceptionally versatile material - used in everything from car engines and marine motors to window frames and patio furniture. The Safeguard Pool Fence pole is one inch in diameter. The Interior core is reinforced at critical stress points by a central cross (X) which provides structural support from every angle

Pool Fence Mesh Mesh Pool Fence


The gate is hinged, with an automatic latch; 32" inches wide, it is constructed from sturdy, custom- extruded aircraft grade aluminum. The central, rectangular gate frame is firmly mounted on rigid 1" square gate posts. Gate hardware includes adjustable spring-loaded, self- closing hinges and a magnetic latch that is self-latching and key-lockable. This latch is in accordance with Consumer

Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements. Gates can only be installed opening away from the pool according to CPSC to ensure that children cannot push the gate open to gain access to the pool area.

Safeguard Architectural patented self-closing gate



Our pool safety fence is installed with two Tru- Close® hinges. Tru-Close® safety gate hinges from the makers of the award winning Magna-Latch® are injection-molded from special glass-fiber reinforced polymer materials. These UV-stabilized materials provide strong, rust free hinges that won't bind, sag or stain and never require lubrication. The unique, spring-loaded adjustor within most Tru-Close® hinges allows quick incremental tension adjustment using only a screwdriver. Easy and safe the Tru-Close® gate hinges feature:

Molded, reinforced polymer construction. Unique patented tension adjustment internal stainless steel spring closer weather resistant self lubricating materials.


Highly child resistant magnetically triggered latching Key lockable safety Adjusts horizontally and vertically patented lost motion technology Latches in the locked position won't disengage when shaken or pulled No mechanical jamming during closure Exceptional reliability No rusting, binding, or staining


A manual opening is defined as an opening where two fence poles come together and are connected by means of a hook-and-eye spring latch that allows the adult to have access by releasing the latch, pulling one pole out of the respective sleeve then moving that pole to another back sleeve. Once relocated to the back deck sleeve, this allows entrance into pool area. Replacement of the pole to its original sleeve and the re-attachment of the latch connect the fence again. The advantage of a manual opening is that a child cannot determine the entrance to the pool area. However there are disadvantages to a manual opening; the main shortcoming is that it increases the margin of human error as it is not self-closing. A manual opening requires two hands to connect the fence together again.

Manual Opening


Safeguard Pool Fence has for years ensured that its pool safety fences are manufactured and installed to the most stringent safety directives. If your swimming pool is new, or you are fostering, adopting or starting a daycare facility and your pool has yet to pass an inspection it is always a good idea to research the exact code requirements for pool safety barrier height, material and installation. Although we will do our best to advise you of local requirements, but safeguard can make no prejudgment as to the suitability of its barriers for the purpose of satisfying any authority and or agency.

Fine materials and meticulous manufacturing processes make all the difference. Manufactured from Textilene®, a durable polyester woven mesh coated in a marine grade polyvinyl. The continuous knit of the Textilene® mesh ensures uniformity, a quality appearance and a superior tensile strength. This material will not rip under normal operation and daily use. This material is flame retardant, heat sealable and stable in either hot or cold temperatures. Textilene® is resilient to abrasion, mildew and bacteria and does not hold or absorb water. Our pool fencing is resistant to fading, deterioration and or shrinkage. Textilene® is regarded as one of the most effective materials for pool barrier fencing as the mesh provides no holes for little fingers and toes and is considered extremely difficult to climb. The Textilene® panels are bordered at the top and bottom by a reinforced polypropylene binding that is triple-stitched with triple-bonded marine thread to ensure strength. This binding prevents the fence from relaxing and reinforces each panel while assisting to maintain the required tension levels. The finished mesh is held firm to the aluminum poles with a molded convex aluminum strip and secured by zinc coated aluminum screws spaced at five inch intervals. An extra set of screws is fitted at the top and bottom of each pole for extra strength. COLOR & HEIGHT OPTIONS. Available in five exclusive color options - Black, Dark Brown, Beige, Green, White and heights of four feet or five feet.

Our powder coating option gives the Quad-Plus pole the appearance of having been "dipped" in very high gloss paint. Always elegant, our color finish blends unobtrusively with most garden or yard surroundings.

Safeguard mesh removable pool fence

Safeguard removable mesh pool safety fence is the highest quality on the market and made in the USA safeguard self closing and key lockable gate is the strongest in the market and are being used by schools and daycare establishments. Safeguard Architectural removable mesh pool safety mesh fence is ASTM certified Safeguard pricing is affordable and we beat any written estimate Safeguard removable mesh fence could be set up on any surface and configuration. ( concrete, grass, wood deck, pavers and more) Lifetime warranty.

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Mesh safety pool fence

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