Glass Staircases

Sophisticated look and timeless style

We can produce modern solutions for staircase railings utilizing glass, aluminum & stainless steel. The use of glass railings on stairs gives maximum light transmission and can generally uncluttered small areas.

Safeguard's glass staircase railing systems have been designed to cater for the growing demand. We create our client a unique prestige product to complement the ever increasing designs of modern-day housing and buildings. Safeguard's glass staircase railings adaptability makes it perfect for both residential and commercial properties. Safeguard's range of glass staircase railings exhibit the strength and elegance of design that people come to expect. You can't go wrong with any of our glass staircase railing systems

Dramatically improve the impression your guests have of your home or office with Safeguard's glass staircase designs. Any Staircase can be upgraded with our glass railing system. Add flair and increase value to almost any home or office building. In some cases the old rail is simply removed and replaced with Safeguard's glass railing system using our techniques which gives you the structural requirements as well as the esthetic value. In other cases millwork has to be designed, built and installed to achieve the integrity required for our glass railings.


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